Professional Residential and Commercial Timber Flooring Services in the Bay of Plenty

With expert technicians, trusted methods, and industry-leading professional equipment, we offer high-quality floor sanding and repair services for timber floors. We have the tools and experience to keep your wooden flooring looking brand new for years to come!

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Wooden Flooring Installation

Timber Floor Installation Tauranga 2018

The first impression when entering any room is the floor. Beautifully constructed solid timber flooring can enhance a regular room into a cozy, comfortable and delightful room. Solid wood flooring or solid timber floors are the perfect solution for adding a totally unique beauty to any room within the home whilst providing a surface that will last a lifetime. Timber floors are available in a stunning selection of colours and styles that will not only enhance your décor but will also add value to your home. From residential timber floors to commercial flooring, we specialize in wooden floor installation and repair.

Floor Sanding

Many beautiful timber floors are hidden under carpet or just worn down by years of traffic, exposure to the sun, water damage or extensive heat. The Timber Flooring Professionals combines years of experience in the field with the use of the latest refinishing equipment to revive even the most tired floors. Several grades of sanding paper will be used to remove all scratches and stains. Once the wood is buffed and cleaned, the natural colour can be left or colour can be added by application of a stain. Our finishes consist of both water based and an oil based polyurethane. We will provide a free consultation which includes an evaluation and a recommended treatment for your timber floor. Timber Flooring Professionals provide a complete restoration package to make those old floors come to life again.

Commercial Flooring

We are a well established and highly recommended commercial flooring contractor based in the Bay of Plenty who provide a comprehensive timber flooring installation and floor sanding service to commercial clients in both the public and private sectors.

With years of knowledge and professionally trained craftsmen, we understand the needs of our timber flooring commercial customers like no other. We know exactly how key it is to make the best first impression, The Timber Flooring Professionals will work with you from start to finish.

Renowned for our high standards and quality of service; we can provide a one-stop commercial floor installation and restoration service for your wooden and parquet flooring.

From residential timber floors to commercial, we have the expertise and equipment to take care of your wooden floor needs.

Timber Flooring – the first and best choice for many reasons!

  • Brings warmth, charm and esthetic beauty to any room in your home.
  • A durable flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Does not hide and/or hold dirt like carpet and tile grout.
  • Dramatically increases the value of your home.
  • Can be custom-stained and finished to an individual’s preference.
  • Can be refinished like new after years of wear and tear.
  • Wood is a natural resource, renewable and recyclable.
  • Hypo-allergenic wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home.

Help us help you choose the right flooring.

The Timber Flooring Professionals can help you sort through the details of choosing a wood flooring that is right for your job. There is a wide selection of timber flooring products in the market today. It is important to compare costs as well as types of construction, durability, finishes, warranties and to choose the right company to perform the work.

Simply put, timber flooring can be classified as follows: species of wood (hard/soft, domestic/exotic); pre finished or unfinished; solid, engineered or laminate; wood style (strip, plank, or parquet); cut and grade of the wood; natural colour of the wood, and If pre finished, the kind and colour of stain that has been applied.

Our Promise to you

In uncertain times when time is money and finding a reliable and cost-effective service provider is the key to any successful project, why not make The Timber Flooring Professionals your stress-free timber flooring contractor and contact us today. We will consistently travel the extra mile to make you entirely happy with your finished project and will always work to the correct budget for you. All our costs are up front and discussed with you in full and in advance, and you will not be disappointed in the results.

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What we do is art!

Floor sanding is like preparing a canvas to paint on; to get an excellent, smooth finish it’s vital that you do the best work at the start of the job, simply because everything you do affects the final outcome of the floor. Bearing this in mind we offer top of the line floor sanding in the Bay of Plenty for residences and commercial businesses. At The Timber Flooring Professionals we use the best methods and gear for timber floor sanding New Zealand has to offer. We offer dust free floor sanding, therefore decreasing mess involved in the process. (Though floor sanding can never be completely without dust, we use sanders with commercial quality dust extractors, reducing the effect on your home or business.)
More than simply running a sander over your floorboards, we make sure it is completely prepared for floor polishing. We take out carpeting, make certain there are no nail protrusions, fill fractures and holes, and generally ready your floors for polishing. If you would like more information about our floor sanding services, feel free to get in touch. Our floor sanding and polishing team do the very best sanding and polishing for homes, office buildings, warehouses, universities, restaurants, church halls, local community centres and sports halls, and so anything you need, we have got it covered.

Floor sanding and Polishing in the Bay of Plenty

Floor Sanding

A perfectly finished surface not only looks fantastic; it adds worth to your home or company. We feel that a timber flooring is a thing of beauty that deserves attention to detail, through excellent craftsmanship and the use of high quality products. When you get us to undertake your floor polishing we talk to you to better understand precisely how you want your timber floors to look. Then we thoroughly scrutinize the site and determine any preliminary work, such as sanding and fixes, which are required to be completed prior to the floor polishing. When it comes to floor polishing, it is essential to use the highest quality products. The Timber Flooring Professionals use the most respected, proven brands, including Bona, Intergrain and Synteko. The finishes we use are nontoxic, eco-friendly and water-based. Our floor polishing leaves less of the noxious gases smell associated with solvent-based coatings, and as a result are better for you, your loved ones and any pets you might have. Now with waterborne finishes that we use, dangerous solvent-based flooring finishes are ancient history. These finishes provide excellent wear resistance, are non-yellowing, and bring out the true beauty of timber flooring, without endangering your health. As an added bonus, you are not forced to completely vacate your home or office just to have your timber flooring finished. If you’re after the best floor polishing The Bay of Plenty offers, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will respond quickly and get your floors polished and shining before you know it. We are fully trained in all aspects of floor sanding and polishing solutions, resulting in a controlled procedure you can trust to produce the high expectations you expect from industry experts. Whether you have a home, business, hall, warehouse, cafe, or anything else, if you’ve got timber flooring call The Timber Flooring Professionals today for all your timber flooring requirements.

Floor Cleaning and Sanitation Services

The Timber Flooring Professionals provide a vast range of floor cleaning, sanitation, servicing, sanding and floor polishing services in the Bay of Plenty. Whether you are intending to clean in preparation to sell your house, want to make it look great again, are touching up a commercial company, renovating a community centre, warehouse or any other establishment with timber floors, we have got the skills you need to clean your floors. Dirty floors are a problem that affects everybody. As the most busy, most used surface that needs cleaning, dirt and grime builds up from boots and shoes (foot traffic), spills, air pollution, and dust contaminate. With time, when left uncleaned, it may build up leaving surfaces visibly marked with a dark grime build up. While timber flooring and tiles are sealed surfaces which allow cleaning, grout is porous and dirt and grime left nearby ends up permeating through your grout.

Why is it important to always keep floors clean?

With regards to upkeep for tiled or timber floors, regardless of a residential or commercial environment, mopping alone won’t attain the desired results. Additionally, it will not ensure the surface is left clean and sanitized, nor does it collect all of the built-up dirt and grime, which can discolour and stain nearby grout areas. As The Bay of Plenty’s most reputable, professional floor cleaning service, leave it to the team at The Timber Flooring Professionals to clean your floors. Our expert surface cleaning crew, together with the most up-to-date cleaning equipment machines will ensure your timber flooring, vinyl, linoleum, stone and tiled flooring surfaces are restored and preserved for years to come. While we recommend frequent household cleaning such as vacuum-cleaning and mopping up spillages when they occur, we can promise your floors will never look better, or last longer, than whenever you incorporate regular cleaning with our professional floor cleaning surfaces.

What if believe my timber floors and surfaces have already been damaged?

As time passes, hardwood surface areas might require more than just a deep clean and sanitation. Our crew of flooring experts are highly skilled and experienced in all facets of timber floor sanding and polishing. The services we provide include:

  • Floor Sanding
  • Floor Polishing
  • Floor Repairs
  • Floor Upkeep
  • Deck Sanding and Oiling

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and value client satisfaction over anything else. To see a few examples of our satisfied customers, have a look at our testimonials web page. If you reside or operate a business in The Bay of Plenty, we certainly have the floor sanding and polishing expertise to get your timber floors looking the best. To get a quote, or simply for more information, get in contact with The Timber Flooring Professionals today! 07 807 9444

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