Floor Refinishing And Finishing Online

Wood floor refinishing usually involves removing an existing hardwood floor finish and replacing it with a new wood floor finish. How to finish wood floor projects depends largely in part on the existing circumstances. If you have a wood floor that has water damage, you are looking at a more involved process than if you just want to update the sealant and protection on your hardwood floor…Read More

Timber Flooring Care Tips

Because of their beauty, colour, and durability, timber floors are extremely popular with homeowners all over the country and beyond. There’s no better icing on the cake of a lovely, cozy home than to have good quality hardwood floors in it. Read More.

Polyurethane types and finishes

Moisture Cured Polyurethane

Moisture-cured (aka. solvent-based or oil-based) polyurethane is the most common product that is used by floor sanding companies. The easiest way to tell whether a solvent-based or water-based product is being applied is if its giving off strong toxic fumes. Water-based products have very little smell so can be easily distinguished. Read More

Using A Timber Floor Nailer For Installation

Hardwood floors are a classic choice for anyone who wants a warm, easy to maintain floor that looks great.  These floors add a traditional feel to any home.  However, hardwood flooring can be difficult to install.  Each board must be nailed into place on the subfloor.  Doing this by hand can take a long time and be extremely tiring.  However, you don’t have to install your floor this way!  Using a hardwood floor nailer can reduce strain and help you get the job done much more quickly and accurately. Read More

Kitchen Flooring – A Quick Read

The kitchen can be a challenging area to provide flooring for.  On one hand, the flooring must remain flexible enough to support the legs and back.  On the other hand, however, the flooring must be resistant to stains and a high level of foot traffic. Read more

Feel Unmatched Value Of Electrical Underfloor Heating

During the bitter winters, we all wish deep in our hearts to face the luxury and the warmth of the underfloor heating systems. We try out the many possible modes to keep not just ourselves but also our house balmy and really pleasant against these bitter winter winds. Read more

How to choose the right
Timber Flooring for your home.

There’s a wide variety of solid timber flooring available on the market, including common timbers and some exotic types you might not be so familiar with. If you want timber flooring, and want something a little more unique, you can use all kinds of different types of wood. Each one has its own benefits and downsides, and will provide something a little special for your floor. Let’s take a look at some of your options. Read more

Good Reasons to choose Engineered Flooring For Your Home.

Engineered flooring looks a lot like a solid timber floor, but something is different below the surface. Made up of three to seven cross stacked layers of wood that are glued and laminated together under high pressure, this flooring material doesn’t react to humidity the way traditional timber does. Engineered timber floors work in almost every room in the home, including kitchens and basements that don’t get much moisture. Read more

How to Clean Timber Flooring

This article will teach you how to properly clean your timber floors. By following the directions listed below, you’ll be able to maintain an excellent shine on your timber floor and prevent any timber floor cracking. It’s not even hard work; all it requires is a couple hours a month. Read More

Refinishing Timber Flooring Without The Mess

Do you have wooden floors that could use some work? Would you like to get them in shape but can not stand the mess of traditional wood floor refinishing or can not pay the price? If you answered yes then you are in luck. Today many timber flooring contractors have started using a dustless wood floor refinishing system. Read this article for some information on this method of refinishing timber floor. Read More

10 Things You Must Know When Building or Renovating

There are many sad cases of home renovations not going as planned – often going way over budget or schedule, or unforeseen complications popping up unexpectedly and ruining even up to years of work. Read More

Technical information about your Timber Flooring


The moisture content of timber is the percentage weight of water present in the timber compared to the weight of timber with all water removed.Moisture content varies with changes in the humidity and temperature in the surrounding air. Read More

Keeping Termites away from your wood

Analyzing the kind of damage done by termites in general is something that needs to be considered in an extensive manner. The process of keeping floors clean will help in maintaining ideal conditions in accordance with the latest requirements for sure. There are several other locations as well that cause a lot of problematic issues that need to be taken care on time. Wooden furniture require several careful activities such as cleaning the texture and surface with a good quality liquid whenever needed the most. Early control of termites on time will prove to be most effective in the long run as per the given situation. Read More

Hand Scraped Floors

True hand scraped is exactly that – done by hand. When done correctly this method creates a very unique floor. These floors differ greatly in the amount of the texture added to the floor and the skill of the person scraping the floor. Read More.

Laminate or Timber Floors

The flooring surface of a home is among one of its best identifying characteristics. Timber flooring is one of the best choices because it is naturally welcoming, gorgeous, and timeless material. While older aged, more conventional houses usually have the original hardwood floors still into position, many modern homes are using laminate as it offers an all natural appearance just like hardwood but for less money. Read More.

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