How to Clean Timber Flooring

This article will teach you how to properly clean your timber floors. By following the directions listed below, you’ll be able to maintain an excellent shine on your timber floor and prevent any timber floor cracking. It’s not even hard work; all it requires is a couple hours a month.

Before you begin any of the steps, remember that the most informed person is your floor manufacturer. If this is your first time cleaning the floors and you’re nervous, you should check for exact directions from the floor manufacturer or hire a professional cleaning service. There’s a risk that you’ll ruin your floors for good by cleaning them improperly. Take a lot of care when it comes to your timber floor, and make sure you’re doing what will keep it clean and shiny. Here are the four steps you need on learning how to clean timber floors:
Step 1

Before you do anything, contact your flooring manufacturer and inform them of what type of flooring you purchased. From that, they’ll recommend one or multiple products that will clean your floors the safest way possible. I’m positive the first advice they’ll give you is to never use water based products, it ruins your floors.

Step 2

Sweep and vacuum your floor once a week, at least. By doing this you’re relieving the timber floors of all dirt and germs. The reason for terminating the germs quickly is because they can eat away at your wax coating quickly, and you don’t want that. If worse comes to worse, rent an industrial vacuum, it will make quick work of dirt.

Step 3

Buff your floor once a month. Don’t even think about renting a buffer, over time it’ll be two expensive and you’d just be better off buying one. A lot of people over look the fact that your floor needs to be regularly buffed, but it does.

Step 4

Everyone year you’re going to need to apply a wax coating, after stripping the old one. You strip a wax coating by renting a stripper, the name is self explanatory. By doing this your floor won’t wear as easily and it’ll look much better in the long run.

At first, these methods will seem expensive and unnecessary to having a healthy wood floor. But actually, it’s the opposite and they’re actually a lot more efficient than carpeting. You can sweep easier, they take spills better, it takes them longer to get dirty, and a lot more. These four basic steps have taught you how to clean timber floors, properly. By using these basic methods you’ll quickly find yourself with the envy of all home owners, the perfectly maintained timber floor. A happy home is a buffed home!

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