Let the Timber Floor Professionals bring the magic of timber flooring to your home.

We at The Timber Flooring Professionals pride ourselves in exceptional work ethic and professionalism. We aim to exceed standards and your expectations.

Floor Sanding & Polyurethaning

We offer a 98% dust free floor sanding service for commercial and residential customers.

We sand and polyurethane both old and new floors, even if existing floors have had lino or cork tiles on them.


Staining is an effect which darkens the timber colour before the polyurethane is applied.

We have a stain swatch with over 30 different colours to choose from.

White Washing/Blonding

A white tint is put in the polyurethane and then applied on the timber producing the same effect as diluted milk poured on the floor.

There are risks of the polyurethane turning pink with colour rich timbers. Speak to our team about these.

Re-Glazing (Maintenance)

Floor Repairs

A re-glaze is applying another coat of polyurethane to an older floor. While dents and scratches wont be removed it gives the floor a new lease of life.

It is possible to change your current finish to one of the other three options such as gloss, satin or matte with a re-glaze.

We can replace just a single damaged board or replace 30sqm of particle board.

Its all in a days work for us.

Laying Floors

Parquet Flooring

Trowel Filling

Laying new wooden flooring generally occurs on either concrete, particle board or joists. We can lay native timbers, imported timbers or pre-engineered flooring.

Both residential and commercial customers can be catered for.

Parquet flooring can be tricky business, we have skilled tradesman that can do both repairs, lay new parquet flooring or sand and polyurethane these types of floors.

Parquet flooring generally needs to be sanded in two directions due to the “fingers” not all facing the same direction.

Trowel filling is the process of fill all the gaps between the boards.  There are two main risks when trowel filling a floor:

1. The filler can crack and pop out after a few months due to movement in the floor and temperature changes, or,

2. Floor board can crack due to the floor having no “give” when it needs to move.

Floor Sanding in General

Floor Sanding

The idea that your whole house is going to covered in dust is a common misconception. Our floor sanding teams use quality equipment which produce a minimal amount of dust. Not only do these machines produce very little dust but you will also get a top quality finish.

There will always be a small amount of dust present once the job is completed. We take all measures possible to reduce the dust, from equipment to vacuuming and dusting the affected area afterwards.

If any tradesman tells you that they can eliminate dust completely I would be very skeptical – it just simply is not possible.

The bag that dust is collected in has to have a limited amount of airflow through it due to the vacuum pumping huge amounts of air into the bag along with the dust – for that reason some dust will escape.

How Does It Work?

  • Existing Floor Coverings – If any existing floor coverings such as carpet or vinyl are present these are removed.
  • Repairs – If any repairs to floor boards are required these are done next.
  • Punching of Nails – Any nails that protrude above the wooden surface are punched further down, this is to avoid damaging our machinery but also to prevent shiny nail heads showing once the polyurethane is applied. If any filling of nail holes or gaps are required this is also completed during stage 3.
  • Floor Sanding Process – The sanding process starts next – we start with a coarse sandpaper to remove any previous coatings, surface scratches or slight unevenness between floor boards. We work out way through the different grits of sandpaper next to smooth the surface before any staining, blonding or the polyurethane is applied.
  • Staining -If you require your floors to be stained this is the next step.
  • Polyurethaning -Polyurethane is applied next, we always apply a minimum of three coats. Light sanding is carried out between coats one and two providing a flawless finish once the last coat is applied.

Expectations Exceeded!

“Great bunch to deal with – communication was excellent – very professional and quick, pricing was very competitive to the two other quotes we received, they turned up when they said they would and the finish was SUPERB – I also appreciated the courtesy call afterwards and advice for caring for the floor.
Our American Oak floors were damaged from moisture and the sun, particularly by the ranch slider to the balcony – it was almost black in this area. The whole floor was in a sad state The guys from Timber Flooring Professionals has it looking like new, the before and after is staggering. Freshening up the floors has proven the biggest impact in our renovation, no doubt adding value!

We have since recommended Timber Flooring Professionals to two others, and recommend anyone else looking for the same quality job to give them a call. Thank you Andrew and Darren, very happy Customer.”

– Adam from Rotorua

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