Using A Hardwood Floor Nailer For Installation

Wooden floors are a classic choice for anyone who wants a warm, easy to maintain floor that looks great.  These floors add a traditional feel to any home.  However, timber flooring can be difficult to install.  Each board must be nailed into place on the subfloor.  Doing this by hand can take a long time and be extremely tiring.  However, you don’t have to install your floor this way!  Using a timber floor nailer can reduce strain and help you get the job done much more quickly and accurately.

If you’ve never used a wooden floor nailer before, you’ll want to take a little time to get used to the speed and force with which the nails come out of the machine.  Try it on a few pieces of scrap wood before you attempt to nail down flooring.  That’ll help you get accustomed to using it and you’ll be able to put the nails in straight and evenly.  Once you’re ready to nail on the flooring itself, start in an inconspicuous corner.  Once you get going, you’ll want to nail down everything you see!  A timber floor nailer is the perfect tool for this kind of project.

There are many different kinds of wooden floor nailers.  The best will use both face and angle nails, will avoid use of oil, and will be activated in such a way as to provide the greatest nailing force.  A good timber floor nailer should hold a couple hundred 50mm nails at a time, so you don’t have to fill it constantly.  Look for nailers that have pads that will rest on the subfloor, too.  They’ll make it easier to position the nail in exactly the correct spot, without a large margin for error.

Many good wooden floor nailers are made in such a way that they’re tall enough to prevent you from having to bend over.  You should be able to easily and quickly change from floor nailing to face nailing, and working the nailer should not require a lot of thought or pressure.  If you have a good machine, you don’t need to have a lot of training to use it.  Even an amateur can do top notch work while using a quality timber floor nailer.

If you want to install tongue and grove timber floors, you can find specialty nailers that’ll help you get the job done faster and better.  Look for a nailer that’s made for this purpose and uses L-shaped flooring cleats to hold tongue and groove styles down.  These should not damage the floor, even if it’s been prefinished, and loading flooring cleats should be simple and easy.  No matter what kind of floor you need to install, there’s a wooden floor nailer that’ll work for the job.

Anyone who needs to install a hardwood floor should stop thinking about doing it by hand.  A hardwood floor nailer will make the job faster and easier, and you’ll be able to be certain it’s done well.  No matter what your level of expertise, you can probably benefit from a quality nailing machine.

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